System Requirements

Margarita Shotgun is supported on common linux distributions, for other operating systems see the Install with Docker section.

While margaritashotgun is written purely in python, some of the libraries used require additional system packages.

Fedora / RHEL Distributions

  • python-devel (2.X or 3.X)
  • python-pip
  • libffi-devel
  • openssl-devel

Debian Distributions

  • python-dev (2.X or 3.X)
  • python-pip
  • libffi-dev
  • libssl-dev

Install From PyPi

$ pip install margaritashotgun

Install with Docker

Pull and run the python docker image.

$ docker pull python:3
$ docker run -ti python:3 bash
$ root@3009a5bc9817:/# pip install margaritashotgun


If you plan on streaming memory to S3 ensure you setup IAM access keys in the docker container. Set -e ACCESS_KEY_ID=ACCESS_KEY_ID -e AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=ACCESS_KEY in the docker run command above. Alternately follow Amazon’s guide for configuring credentials once the docker container is running.

Install From Github

$ pip install git+ssh://
$ margaritashotgun -h

Local Build and Install

$ git clone
$ cd margaritashotgun
$ python sdist
$ pip install dist/margarita_shotgun-*.tar.gz
$ margaritashotgun -h

Local Execution

In the previous two example dependencies are automatically resolved, if you simply want to run margaritashotgun using the script bin/margaritashotgun you will have to manually install dependencies

$ git clone
$ cd margaritashotgun
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ ./bin/margaritashotgun -h